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    Mankind has brought the stars in the sky down to Earth.

    But what was the cost?

    We lost something valuable as we lit it up like this.

    The stars.

    Now, we are leaving to search for the lost stars.

    <Product descriptions>

    To successfully complete this voyage, we developed clothes optimized for space exploration.

    First, zero-gravity hoods that you can wear on Earth, in gravity, and any other space.

    They're made to withstand up to 6G of gravity.

    It provides a comfortable fit in any time and space.

    The second is the Explorer shirt made to explore new stars.

    It is designed to be compatible with a range of portable devices developed for exploration purposes.

    It's one of the most important items in this expedition.

    The third product is "DEFENDER JOGGER PANTS".

    In the past we've been threatened by alien life forms that are trying to host us.

    So, this time, I developed a pair of defender pants that are fully resistant to any danger.

    Especially, a beauty like me is in danger.(While exploring on the LCD screen, I look at the camera.)

    Hmm. Anyway, this team must be very reliable!

    The fourth is Starman T-shirts made of a uniform worn inside the spacecraft.

    It's designed to respond to the biorhythm of the wearer.

    Starman is also symbolic of the pioneers of the new star.

    Hey Wattney, can you get me one of those uniforms?

    Thank you!

    The last product is a sample return pouch.

    For the purpose of this exploration, this bag was specially made to collect pieces of stars and bring them back.

    It has a flexible texture in all atmospheric conditions and its durability is resistant to being scratched from a groundwalk.

    We'll bring the stars here.

    Oh, and when this voyage is successful, the "UNIVERSE SNAPBACK" will be released as a souvenir.

    I hope this voyage is successful.


    Our journey begins now.

    USUAL Number one, are you ready?

    Please come back and be our hope.

    Good luck!